From June 1, 2008 start, according to the Ministry of Finance and State Administration of Taxation of the documentation requirements, bio-organic fertilizer products are completely tax-free. Shandong provincial government has for several years for organic fertilizer projects were subsidized. Moreover, the state has also initiated "pollution-free food action plan", "green", "organic food" certification and other relevant plans and policies for agricultural products quality and safety control, to some extent, also contributed to the market demand for organic fertilizer. 2000--2010 years, 10 years, Chinese organic fertilizer sales average annual growth rate reached 56.72%, sales revenue increased from 355 million yuan in 2000 to 31.763 billion yuan in 2010, an increase of nearly 100 times.

  Current large-scale application of commercial production of organic fertilizer industry beginning to take shape, farmland is not yet universal, accounting for less than 10%, which fully shows that our organic fertilizer also has a strong potential for development, as people's health awareness reinforcing the importance of organic fertilizer in agricultural production, the state attaches great importance to the production of organic fertilizer, will represent our country is about to enter a new period of development of agriculture, to promote the healthy and civilized society played a greater role in promoting faster of.

Forklift Type Fermentation Machine

The forklift type fermentation machine is widely used for tu

Rotary Screening Machine

Rotary screen is widely used to screen the fertilizer granul

Half Wet Material Crusher

Half wet material crusher  is used for biological organ

Fuel gas boiler

Fuel gas boiler is a boiler product developed in cooperation

Gas/Oil burner

The burner is also called a burner. It can be divided into a

Deodorization tower

1. Adjustment of circulating water volume: It is determined

Organic Feritilizer Processing Line

Products Easier to Use and HandleRich organic humic substanc

Horizontal Mixing Machine

1).The horizontal mixing  machine is a new type of blen

Machinery & Equipment

Scanning mobile station
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