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BB Fertilizer Mixer (Blending Mixer)

Production capacity
5-8 t/h
Raw material dealing
various materials
Applicated range
compound fertilizer
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Product presentation

 BB fertilizer formula is the production of powdered formula fertilizer production equipment, it is possible to mix powdered particles of powder can be blended mix, it is divided into Simple, semi-automated and fully automated. 

Performance features

1, Simple BB Fertilizer Blender Mixer features: less investment, small footprint, mechanical transmission, hybrid intuitive and reliable. Long service life. 

2, Semi-automatic BB fertilizer production line features: manual quantitative, low investment, high efficiency; continuous mixer for continuous production operations; yield, long life and other characteristics. 

3, Automatic BB Fertilizer Blender Mixer features: using a variety of ingredients automation, greater accuracy and batching recipe recipes stability; ingredients mixing speed, contact with air time, not easy to produce fertilizer absorbent damp; unique seismic devices to measure and precisely, in a more complex working conditions stable job, oh come with fast, stable, accurate, high precision; 

4, Control instrumentation is simple, easy to use, store multiple recipes, can be set at any time by the electronic control device to achieve automatic control. 

5, Reduce investment, BB fertilizer equipment is due to set ingredients, mixing, packaging in one, reducing raw materials and mixed repeatedly improved, thereby reducing equipment investment. 

Working principle

PLC control system of computer Automatic proportional batching raw materials Lifting by slope scraper Mixing by roller Mixed materials disposed into storage silos of weighing machine Quantitative packaging (10-50kg/bag) Conveying and sewing Finished product pelletizing storage.

Technical parameter

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