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Organic Feritilizer Processing Line

Production capacity£º
100,000-500,000 ton
Raw material dealing£º
all kinds of organic & inorganic materials
Applicated range£º
organic fertilizer
Service support£º
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Product presentation

Products Easier to Use and Handle

Rich organic humic substances

Improved Crop Quality and Yield

Foliar applications

Give crops the critical factors it needs

Performance features

1. Increase percentage of total nitrogen in soil

2. Act as nutrient base for plant growth promoting rhizobacteria

3. Enhance ion exchange & water holding capacity of soil

4. Improve soil structure and reduce nutrient losses

5. Improve nutrient uptake by root system

6. Promote root development

7. Improve microbe activity of soil

8. Improve uptake of chemical fertilizer by root

Working principle

It Uses wet continuous push rod granulation technology ,This machine not only can be used for 

a variety of organic compounds for granulation,especially on the use of crude fiber material which 

is difficult to granulating by conventional equipment,such as Crops straw, wine residue, 

mushroom residue, medical, animal dung, etc can granulation after fermentation. 

And for raw materials such as humic acid and urban sludge granulation also achieve very good effect.

Technical parameter

1.high capacity:3t/h 

2.new design and reliable stable

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