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Project case

Humic Acid Organic Fertilizer Production Line, with capacity 50,000 tons/year, Shipped to Canada

2017/9/30 11:55:55

Humic Acid Organic Fertilizer Production Line, Humic Acid Organic Compound Fertilizer Production Line, with capacity 50,000 tons/year, Shipped to Canada

Project Introduction:

1) Location: SK-Sedley-Canada

2) Project Start Time: 2017-10-30

3) Raw Materials: Humic Acid, NPK, Mg, Zn, CU, etc

4) Final products: Organic (compound) fertilizer granules

5) Capacity: 50,000 ton/year


Process Flow Chart of Organic Fertilizer Production Line:

Raw materials weighing & Batching ---Mixing--Granulating -- Granules Drying -- Granules Cooling --Granules Coating -- Bag Packaging -- Storage

Record of Events

0n January 30th,2017, we received the inquiry from our customer Canada Agriculture *** Inc. For the humic acid organic fertilizer production line, organic compound fertilizer production line; after talking with customer for their detailed requirements, we send them a preliminary proposal and quote in time, the customer shows great interest in our proposal.

After several time’s communication and amendment, we basically work out and confirm the new proposal, and we bug the raw materials and conducted a granulating test in our factory, the test is very good by using our machines, we send the test video to our customer who agree with our proposal and give high appraise on our machines and our cordial working attitude.

During April, our customer come to visit us, they inspect our factory facility, machines & equipment, and also conduct a test by using their own raw materials, it is also very good. In our office, we negotiate, confirm the proposal, and sign the final contract.

During May, we send them the factory layout drawing, and equipment process flow chart drawing, and they prepare their factory and foundation in June.

At end of July, everything is ready from our customer, and they complete 100% payment to us and start the production of machines, they carry out a very high trust to us.

In August, we complete the production of machines within one month, and arrange for the shipment at immediately to our customer, they said we have a very strong production capability and working responsibility. We will have more business in near future.

At end of Sept, our customer received the shipment, and our engineers will come to their factory for installation and training their workers in October. This is a very successful cooperation.

Henan Machinery & Equipment Co. is the professional supplier for fertilizer equipments and fertilizer production line in China, we not only produce fertilizer equipment, including fertilizer drying machine, fertilizer granulator, mixer, fertilizer coating machine,etc, but also can design whole fertilizer production line for every customer according to each customer's actual condition. Our equipment have exported to many countries,


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