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A New Organic Fertilizer Plant is Shipping to Russia

2017/11/24 11:08:02

A New Organic Fertilizer Plant is Shipping to Russia



A new organic fertilizer plant, produced by Henan Machinery, was shipping to Russia on Nov.23,2017


Our customer, petrkrupnov, runs a medium organic fertilizer plant, and the production is 50 tons per day. With the expanding scale, he decided to purchase a new organic fertilizer plant. Through a deep understanding, our sales person recommended new type organic fertilizer granulator for him. This kind of fertilizer granule machine is characterized by high granulation rate and high capacity. It can meet the demands of higher yield. In the end, he purchased a new 30,000 t/y new type organic fertilizer granulator production line. Therefore, we established a long-term cooperation.



1. What is the raw materials of organic fertilizer?
General organic fertilizer raw materials are: Generally speaking, raw materials can be divided into several types.
Agricultural waste: straw, soybean meal, cottonseed meal, mushroom residue, biogas, lignin residue, etc.
Livestock manure: chicken manure, cow manure, sheep manure, horse dung, rabbit manure, etc.
Industrial waste: distiller’s grains, vinegar dregs, cassava residue, sugar residue, furfural slag, etc.
Garbage: food waste, leftovers. 
Municipal sludge: river silt, sewage and sludge.
2. How to maintain organic fertilizer making machine?
Organic fertilizer making machine can be in corrosion and abrasion. How to reduce the degree of corrosion an abrasion? There are some methods for maintenance.
a. Avoiding opening and going down the machine. Avoiding operating machines at an overload. 
b. We must first set man-responsibility, do a daily check and make a record every day. Before end of shift, make lubrication and maintainence to important parts of the equipment (wearing parts, motor, reducer, bearings, etc.) in accordance with the specification requirements. If damaged, it should be replaced or repaired to avoid having impact of normal production next day.
c. In the production of off-season, discontinued equipment should be cleaned. The residual organic fertilizer raw materials can be cleaned out to avoid aggravating the corrosion of equipment. These fertilizer machinery should be idling for 10- 20 minutes every 1-2 days after shut down in off-season, so that the device can be used while restarting.

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