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Ammonium sulfate

2017/11/29 11:12:48

Ammonium sulfate   

.Nitrogen content21.0% (dry basis);Moisture0.2%;Free acid0.03%

.Uses: mainly used as fertilizer, suitable for all kinds of soil and crops, including nitrogen 21.   

.Purity: 99.2% 


.Molecular formula: (NH4) 2SO4 

.Molecular weight: 132.14  

.Standard Packing in China: 50Kg/bag 

.Nature Description: white crystal, slightly salty, is acidic fertilizer. The proportion of 1.769. Decomposes at 235 C. Soluble in water, acidic aqueous solution, insoluble in ethanol, acetone. Moist air will absorb water and caking, and alkali release ammonia. 

.Grade: Industrial grade

Exterior: White without impurities

02.jpg 04.jpg

Ammonium sulfate granules are generally used in crops overgrowth: overgrown growth, axillary buds are constantly born, often excessive tillering, hinder the normal development of reproductive organs, and even delayed the maturity, the leaves were dark green, juicy leaves soft, soluble in vivo non-protein State nitrogen content is too high, susceptible to pests and diseases, prone to lodging, cereal crops, grain is not full (1000 grain weight low), more grains, crop yield decreased.


Ammonium sulfate particles through the chemical reaction in the soil, after hydrolysis can be absorbed by the crop, therefore, the ammonium sulfate particles in the crop fertilizer days before the application. At the same time, deep application of soil covering should be carried out. Like other nitrogenous fertilizers, ammonium sulfate particles should be applied in the morning or evening, after rain or cloudy, and avoid sunny at noon. Ammonium sulfate particles belong to the unit fertilizer, and should be used with phosphate fertilizer or other chemical fertilizers, so as to meet the crop's needs for various nutrients and also assist the fertilizer.


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