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Rotary Drum Dryer Installation and Adjustment

2017/12/1 14:24:38

Rotary Drum Dryer Installation and Adjustment


The installation of organic fertilizer dryer should adhere to the technological process. It should be equipped after arrival of rotary drum dryer, in cooperation with the technological process. It should be installed on the ground with a bevel of 2-5 slope (adjustable). Screw holes design of the bracket and gear frame makes it come true to install the dryer on a bed of concrete!

The Rotary Drum Dryer production by our company Henan Machinery & Equipment Company Limited


 After properly adjusting the base, put the cylinder on the bracket, and then adjusting the riding wheel;

 Install the driving assembly of the rotary drum dryer;

 Properly adjust riding wheel, driving device and cylinder; after that, pour concrete and commissioning could be performed if cement sets and hardens 8-10 days later.


No-load Test Run:

1. The machine should be tested for 8 hours without stopping. During the test run, temperature of each bearing should increase stably, and should be no more than 50 degrees when the test ends.

2. The noise of the gear should be uniform. 

3. Check whether the bearings are badly worn after test run.rotary_dryer.jpg

Correct Operation of the Rotary Drum Dryer

 Light the stove 1 hour earlier before staring this organic fertilizer dryer, and check:

1.driving device of feeding assembly and auxiliary assembly;

2.whether there are blocked materials in the feeding hopper;

3.transmission device of air line, regulating valve and blowing machine.

 Preparatory work should be done before staring the dryer:
 1. check all fuels and tool;
 2. check and adjust feeding assembly and protecting equipment.
 3. check the friction assembly of all bearings and friction surface;

 The dryer and auxiliary machinery and equipment are required to be checked before starting.

Steps of starting dryer: the motor first;
2.start belt conveyor which is in preparation to transport wet & dry materials;
3.Shut down of rotary drum dryer

1) stop to add fuels to the combustion furnace 30 minutes before stopping the dryer.

2) turn off the motor
3) stop materials transportation assembly.

Customer case installation by Henan Machinery & Equipment Company Limited in Iraq


1.check and repair inside machine is forbidden when machine is still running;
2.pick off protection equipment is forbidden when dryer is working;
3.It is forbidden to touch the motor and electric wires without putting on the insulating gloves;
4.completed ground wires should be done before starting the machine.

Application of Rotary Drum Dryer

Rotary drum dryer can be use in many fields, including organic fertilizer&compound fertilizer, bio-mass pellet industry, feed and agriculture industry, building materials drying, metallurgy and chemical industry, mining industries. Most of materials from these fields are OK like manure waste, wood sawdust, straw,ores, crystals,etc. So in fertilizer production, it can excellently finish its task.


Professional Manufature of Rotary Drum Dryer

HENAN MACHINERY & EQUIPMENT COMPANY LIMITED is the central plains region specializing in the production of organic and inorganic fertilizer equipment pilot enterprises,with the design team R&D base independent.


Except domestic provinces and regions,our factory has been long selling its products to such countries as Russia,Mongolia,Vietnam,Thailand,Burma,Australia,Senegal,South Africa,Roumania,Brazil,Chile,Ecuador and so on,enjoying certain international popularity.

Main products:

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