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Analysis on Pros and Cons of Fertilizer Granulator

2017/12/15 16:47:00

Analysis on Pros and Cons of Fertilizer Granulator

Henan Machinery & Equipment Company Limited is a professional fertilizer machines manufacturer who is experienced in producing and providing quality equipment for fertilizer production. We manufacture kinds of fertilizer granulators, including disc granulator, rotary drum fertilizer granulator, flat die extrusion granulator, double roller extrusion granulator, and new type organic fertilizer pellet mill. Different fertilizer pellet machines have different merits. Having a clear understanding about their pros and cons will help you choose the correct fertilizer equipment in the production, and develop its advantages and avoid disadvantages, which greatly saves energy&cost, and promotes productivity.

The fertilizer pellet mills can be divided into 3 types according to their working principles:

Disc Fertilizer Granulator and Rotary Drum Fertilizer Granulator

Those two fertilizer granulators mainly utilize the rotating of the equipment to drive raw materials rolling in the disc or rotary drum. Adhesives, such as water, resin and oil, are sprayed onto the powder materials who, like rolling snowballs, are shaped into unevenly granules. Fertilizers then will be dried, cooled, and screened.

With features of high granulation rate, both machines are prolific, which is fit for large-scale fertilizer production. Below-standard granules need re-pelletizing.

●Low noise1.jpg●Stable performance
●Rational structure
●Simple operation
●Convenient maintenance
●Stable performance
●Flexible granulating position
●Flexible process arrangement

Disc granulator adopts arc disc angle structure, the granulation rate may reach above 93%. It is equipped with three discharge ports, making it more convenient for intermittent production, greatly reducing the labor intensity and improving labor efficiency. The bottom of the disc adopts multiple radiation steel plates, more durable, sturdy, and never deforming. Gears adopt high-frequency quenching, which doubles the machine’s service life. Unique unpowered knives lower down power consumption; large disc consists of disc body and disc joints, and the disc joints can be accommodated upwards and downwards. Automatic material clearing plate above the disc removes the sticking materials, improving service life of equipment and saving labor.
Rotary drum granulator: using steam heating, the temperature of the raw materials raises, making the finished granules with low moisture and high drying efficiency; adopting special rubber sheet or acid-proof stainless steel as linings, can efficiently avoid the adhesion between raw materials and the inside wall of the rotary drum. 

1. Compared with other granulation fertilizer machines, the volume of these two machines is larger. 
2. It has higher demand for raw materials, which requires the materials should be with large mesh number, small particles size and fine fibers. 
3. The raw materials need to have better adhesion degree, thus the properties of material won’t be changed easily once met with adhesive, such as water, clay, oil etc. 
4. After granulation, the particles need drying or airing.

Flat Die Extrusion Granulator and Double Roller Extrusion Granulator光影魔术手拼图.jpg

There are two kinds of extrusion granulators: flat die extrusion granulator and double roller extrusion granulator.

The shape of organic fertilizer granule produced by flat die extrusion granulator is cylindrical. 
The purity of the organic fertilizer production can be as high as 100%, which makes pure organic substances granulating come true. The cylindrical granules are suitable for storage as the feed. Adopting pinch roller design, the ends of the roller have the same linear speed with both the inner and outer of the mold. To some extent, it helps avoid unnecessary friction between the die and roller, reduces energy consumption as well as production expenses, and prolongs service life of the mold. With spirally central pressing structure, the internal distance between dies is changeable. It is suitable for different raw materials. Meanwhile it ensures the quality of the organic fertilizer granules, and can achieve the optimal benefit.

The particle shape of roller extrusion granulator is elliptical, forming fertilizer particles at one time, it has high granulating ratio of over 85%; low investment, it can bring fertilizer investment a good economic returns. It saves energy and have low consumption for its’ materials are granulated at room temperature, compared with other granulate method, no drying process and needn’t oil or gas fired etc. Press rollers adopt new metal which is resist to corrosion, wear and impact; and the press rollers can be designed to make different shapes or sizes of materials. Both of them have the advantages of stable granulating, simple to maintain and small room occupation.

Disadvantages: It requires material with low moisture content and high caking ability.

The Strengths and Weakness of New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator

New type organic fertilizer pellet mill utilizes the force by the high revolving speed and the aerodynamics it brings, raw materials can be mixed, granulated, spherified and concentrated in this machine at a time. Thus, a complete granulation process is perfectly accomplished.


1. The finished products are spherical and uniformly shaped, which enhances the quality of the organic fertilizer granules.2. Both the concentration of organic raw materials and the granulation rate is high. Thus it can produce 100% pure organic fertilizer granules.
3. This machine produces particles with high hardness, which can be screened immediately after the granulation process. Thus, it can save energy consumption in drying.

4. The machine is suitable for multiple raw materials, such as vinegar residues, sugar residues,chicken manure, cow manure, horse manure, drainage sludge, river sludge,straws, cottonseed meals, mushroom residues, and etc. After fermentation, organic raw materials don’t need to be dried or crushed , which makes the producing process more effective and economic.
5. The size of the organic fertilizer granules can be changeable, if you change the quantity of the mixed raw materials and the revolving speed of the principle axis. Customers can adjust it properly to produce whatever they want.
6. Take full advantages of the features that organic fertilizer particles can be inlaid with each other under certain conditions. So no binders need to be added during the granulation process.
7. New type organic fertilizer pellet mill has a steady performance, and is made of anti-corrosive and wear-resistant materials, which prolongs a long service life of the machine.

1. The degree of wear of easily damaged parts needs to be checked out frequently, and we should replace the worn parts which increase the cost of fertilizer production.
2. Check out the electromotor once a month, and a thorough inspection of the machine after being used in each shift brings considerable trouble in maintenance, sometimes unnecessary waste of labor.
3. If the oil temperature of bearings increases too high, or there are some impact sounds when gears rotating, stop and check the fertilizer granulator to make sure it running smoothly, which has a direct impact on the production efficiency.

Advantages&Disadvantages of Bio-organic Fertilizer Spherical-granule Granulator

There is another fertilizer granulator which can produce spherical particles as well. That is bio-organic fertilizer spherical-granule granulator. It consists of two parts: flat die fertilizer granulator, and fertilizer polishing machine. Those two machines are combined together efficiently and conveniently, which makes uniformly-formed bio-organic fertilizer granule come true.


1. It can make the cylindrical particles into spherical particles at one time. No returning materials, high granulating rate to form strong and good color fertilizer granules; organic content can reach as high as 100%, which makes the pure organic granulation come true.
2. There is no need to dry or crush raw materials before granulation, batching directly can produce the spherical particles, which can save large quantity energy.
3.Protecting bacteria at room temperature, smooth granulating path inside the granulating machine.
4. There is no need to use the binders when granulating for that organic particles can be inlaid with each other under certain conditions.
5. Stainless steel material inside the granulating machine which is resistant to corrosion, wear and impact.
6. Small foot-print, light-weight, nice appearance, easy operation and maintenance, safe and reliable, low power consumption and high productivity.

●The bearing of bearing crusher affords the whole load of the machine, thus the lifetime of the bearing directly affects the machine life, the heavy workloads will reduce service life of the machine.
●The degree of wear of easily damaged parts need to be checked out frequently, and we should replace the worn parts which increase the cost of fertilizer production.

If Any demand of fertilizer equipments, welcome to inquiry us Henan Machinery & Equipment Company Limited

Henan Machinery & Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of most famous manufacturer of compound fertilizer machines, and organic fertilizer machines; our company has passed international certification ISO9001:2008 quality and management system. 

We have high qualified technicians and workers, CAD design and R&D center, high precise and advanced processing equipment, and responsible sales and service team.Our company can provide complete service from beginning of consultancy, designing process, production, equipment installation & commissioning, training technician, etc.

Main products:

10,000-500,000 T/YEAR NPK Compound Fertilizer Granulation Production Line

10,000-300,000 T/YEAR Organic Fertilizer Granulation Production Line

10,000-300,000 T/YEAR Compost Fertilizer Granulation Production line

10,000-300,000 T/YEAR Organic-Inorganic Fertilizer Granulation Production Line

10,000-15,000  T/YEAR Potassium Sulphate Production line 


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