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rotary dryer for fertilizer producing

2018/3/9 17:48:07

As the main equipment to be used for the fertilizer machine producing,The dryer could produce the granules to be used for the agriculture using and the feed to be used for the turtle,fish,snail,chicken and duck.

Along with the development of the agriculture in our country,the by-product of the agriculture has became more important than ever.The manure of the chicken,duck and cow has polluted our environment,but the manure is the organic product which could be adopted in our life.And more and more customers pay attention to this field and invested in their country.

And the important step is to get the wet raw material to be processed in the dryer.It would be conveyed by the conveyor and bucket lifter to send into the hopper and get into the dryer from the inlet.When the raw material get into it,it would be dried by the hot air and the wall and discharge from the outlet in the other end.The usual way for the raw material is moving from the high place to the lower place by the gravity.

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