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The use of organic fertilizer production line to deal with urban garbage is of great significance

2018/6/12 15:28:11

In the past years, we applied chemical fertilizers to fertilize the land. This not only failed to recycle the soil, but also destroyed the soil. Now that people in the country are advocating that they do not dare to use chemical fertilizers, they will use waste from livestock and poultry or straw and other wastes. The organic fertilizer and organic fertilizer production line can make livestock manure, human waste, straw, urban sludge, restaurant waste, etc. into organic fertilizers. The supply of soil to the soil will not only damage the soil but also increase the organic matter of the soil. 


Every time we walk to the garbage transfer station, the pungent smell is always unbearable, especially in the summer. Even though the garbage generated every day is handled, I don't know whether it is buried or burned. I remember in some newspapers I saw some reports saying that some of the park's hilltops, in fact, buried a lot of rubbish below. This is a good or bad practice. We leave it to posterity to comment on the changes in the times and organic fertilizer production lines. With the advancement of equipment, rubbish has a new mission and often becomes organic fertilizer, nourishing soil, and nutrient crops.


The most troublesome thing in late autumn and early winter is the treatment of fallen leaves. Many people feel that they are directly buried and turned into spring mud to protect their flowers. In fact, the water content of leaves is about 90%, and it will be 4 to 5 hours after landfilling. Leachate is produced and it takes up a lot of landfill space. Many urban management centers are now adopting some innovative methods. For example, they are responsible for collecting the branches of street trimming trees in the city. These “wastes” are crushed by the organic fertilizer equipment after being crushed by the organic fertilizer equipment and are discharged by the microorganisms for a period of time. Become organic fertilizer, not only the problem is solved, but also create benefits.


The rational disposal of municipal wastes is now being processed into organic fertilizers through the processing of organic fertilizer production lines and other equipment. It is still in its infancy, and its methods are relatively simple. Therefore, a variety of methods are used rationally, so that the development of the organic fertilizer industry in China will become more and more mature.

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