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Technical literature

Cow dung organic fertilizer production line

2018/7/25 17:13:03

The cow dung organic fertilizer production line is a complete set of  

organic fertilizer production machineries

from cow dung. Processing cow dung into organic fertilizer through cow manure organic fertilizer equipment is a suitable solution to solve the pollution problem. Because with the rapid development of intensive, large-scale and specializedization of cattle raising in China, the problem of environmental pollution caused by concentrated discharge of cattle manure and the comprehensive utilization of cow manure have become increasingly prominent. 


However, in addition to a large amount of organic matter, essential nutrients for plants such as NPK and other trace elements, cow dung also contains various biological enzymes and microorganisms. After the cow manure is made into fertilizer, it can play an irreplaceable role of fertilizer, which is beneficial to improve the soil organic matter and fertility, improve soil structure, and improve soil physical and chemical environment and microbial environment. However, if the manure that has not been composted and directly applied to the farmland is extremely harmful, it will consume oxygen in the rhizosphere soil of the crop, produce high temperature burn crop roots (commonly known as "burning seedlings"), and produce harmful substances of pathogenic bacteria, not only It can't achieve the expected increase in production, and it will lead to secondary pollution of soil, water, atmosphere and agricultural products, which will bring serious hidden dangers to food safety production and ecological environment. Therefore, cow dung must be treated after composting and stable and harmless treatment.


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