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Special Design Disc Type Fertilizer Granulator Machine to Egypt

2018/8/30 10:15:57

Introduction of the Disc Type Fertilizer Granulator

Disc granulator is widely used for producing round type organic fertilizers and compound fertilizers, which are convenient for transportation and storage. Having the features of  uniform granules processing, high granulation rate, smooth running, and long service life, disc granulator is an ideal forming machine for your fertilizer production. Various models of disc fertilizer granulators are manufactured in our factory. They vary with inner diameter, side height, and rotating speed. Customers can choose whichever model of fertilizer granulator in the light of their production capacity.


Working Principle of Disc Type Fertilizer Granulator

This series of products works by driving the pulley and belt of the main motor, through the reducer drive pinion. The pinions and the cogs fixed at the bottom of the disk are the open type, which are interdental and work together. Big gear is by professional design cone hole is installed on a fixed on a frame to adjust the plate after granulating disc, the granulating disc revolve, coupled with the spray device, make material even together, cause the balls in the granulation upper plate design of the automatic feeding system, please, to prevent the wall material viscosity and thus greatly improve the service life of the machine, with continuous rotation of the motor, the material into unceasingly, can realize the mass production, in order to achieve the user need.


Customers Special Requirements and Manufacturing Completing

1. Use five blades to process the granules

2. Use water pipe and water sprayer to install on the machine directly


After engineers drawing and workers hard working, we finally complete the manufacturing of the machine. Send video and pictures to customer, then receive highly speaking of our products.

Container Loading and Machine Transportation


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