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Technical literature

Effect of New Type Fertilizer Granulator on Customers Fertilizer Production

2018/9/19 14:37:30

Three months before, customer Ahmed from Iraq had send us some pictures about his old fertilizer factory and asked for expanding his factory to meet the large demand from his country. After viewing about his line and machines, I have told him many suggestions to help him on the factory.


Plant Line Improving in the Factory:

First of all, some works should be done on his machines. I have changed the mixer, the compost machine and his packing machine to expand his working capacity. Then I suggest his to change his granulator into new type fertilizer granulator and tell him that this machine will work in high granulating ratio. On my suggestion, he asked me to send him one new design to start new factory.

Machine in Plant Line

1. Compost machine

2. Feeding Bin

3. Crusher Machine

4. Mixer

5. Granulator

6. Packing Machine


Features of new type organic fertilizer granulator

1. Fertilizer granules produced are all spherical shaped, nice appearance and easy to apply.

2. Fertilizer granules produced have rich organic matter content, which can reach 100%, realizing pure organic matter granulation.

3. No binder need to be added during granulation, for the organic matter particles can grow inlaid with each other under certain force.

4. Fermented materials need not to be dried, the moisture content can be 20%-40%.

5. Fertilizer granules produced are solid so that not easy to be moistened, and can be screened directly without drying, reducing energy consumption.

6. The shell of fertilizer granulator adopts heavy seamless steel pipe, sturdy and durable, never deform. The stable base design ensures a more stable running.

7. High granulation rate which can reach 80%-90%, suitable for various formulations. The compressive strength of granular fertilizer produced is higher than that of disc fertilizer granulator and rotary drum granulator. Large granular rate is lower than 15%. The size and uniformity of granules can be adjusted by the stepless speed regulation function of the machine.


After one months installation and testing, Ahmed has completed the first running on the line and sent us the comparison of the final products now and before. 


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