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Technical literature

Turning City Life Waste into Valuable Organic Fertilizer

2018/10/10 15:51:55

With the continuous increasing of the population all over the world, the garbage produced from our daily life have also greatly increased. Then there rises a serious problem, how to reasonably solve so large amount of life wastes? Currently, the main treatments of the city life waste are landfilling and burning method. However, this may bring about serious environmental pollution also is harmful to human health. So its necessary to seek for a better solution to meet eco-friendly requirements.

Nowadays, a popular and novel organic fertilizer equipment----Tracked Type Fermentation Machine has helped us to solve the problem. It can make those dirty city wastes into valuable organic fertilizer. Here we will illustrate this advanced composting method in details to help you have a better understanding.


Brief Introduction of Tracked Type Fermentation Machine

Our Tracked Type Fermentation Machine is used to turn and mix the compost and accelerate the composting speed. It has the loose and broken effect of the compost when the bacterial species reach a certain temperature and humidity. Compared to other equipments, our Tracked Type Fermentation Machine has many unique advantages, such as:


* Reasonable design with variable drum speed.

* Reliable watering and inoculation system, also can add bacteria spraying facility.

* Qualified equipment results in even turning effect.

* Stable performance, high efficiency and little maintenance.


How to Turn City Life Waste into Organic Fertilizer

The main process of organic fertilizer making is fermentation, that is adding bacterial species in the raw materials and stirring with the organic fertilizer compost turning machine. Generally 7 to 10 days is OK, which plays sterilization and deodorant effect as well as produce beneficial bacteria. The standard of moisture content is 40%-50%. However, there are some tips you should pay more attention to, including:

* Choose a proper space which has adequate room, convenient operation and good drainage system for the organic fertilizer processing.

* Collect raw materials, here refers to various city life wastes. And lay them in a long pile.

* Turn the pile regularly everyday by the compost turning machine to meet the the growing demands of the bacterial species.

* After complete fermentation, the finished product organic fertilizer is formed and can be sold directly.


Meanwhile, if you want to sell it to distant place, further processing is also available with our Flat Die Granulating Machine and Disc Fertilizer Granulating Machine, they can make high quality organic fertilizer with even size and nice appearance, also convenient for transportation.

From the above analysis, we can come to see that its not that difficult to turn our city wastes into valuable organic fertilizer, only a compost turning machine is enough. So if youre interested in this industry, please feel free to contact with us. We are willing to offer best equipment and professional guidance.

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