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Technical literature

livestocks can be made into a large amount of organic fertilizer

2018/10/29 14:03:01

                     livestocks can be made into a large amount of organic fertilizer


Firstly, the use of straw feeding cattle and other domestic animals, is an important way to solve the " human and animal food fight " and " sheep and cattle stuff fight ".

Secondly, excrements of livestocks can be made into a large amount of organic fertilizer, which will help to improve the soil and protect ecological environment of agriculture.

Thirdly, it can increase livestock meat and egg quantity, which is beneficial to improve people 's life standard.

Fourthly, it can increase farmers and herdsmens income, which will help farmers to get rid of poverty .

Moreover, it helps to promote slaughter and leather processing and selling, therefore the use of biological technology to develop straw resources as cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, fish, livestock, poultry and aquatic animals main fodder resources to promote livestock , aquaculture and aquaculture development and production of organic fertilizer has a broad prospect.


Small-scale ( 100-1000 heads ) livestock and poultry farms, wet and dry separation method is taken to control pollution: manure is collected and sewage treatment is achieved by a biogas -based approach, thus forming an ecological agricultural model as " livestock - biogas - fruit , rice, vegetables", and finally realize the reduction of sewage discharges from the source and production process.

Large-scale ( more than 1000 heads ) livestock and poultry farms usually adopt dry farming method,that is, covers dressing ( as straw powder ) on the ground in the column to absorb and mix the manure, then after being processed simply by the organic fertilizer equipment and fermentation, it is made into ecological organic fertilizer by the organic fertilizer production line. Without odor or sewage discharge, the whole processing procedure realizes"zero pollution". Meanwhile, reducing disease , accelerate growth and improve breeding efficiency. Dry method not only provides a completely manure and sewage treatment for the large-scale breeding farms, bot also turns the waste into " green ecological organic fertilizer". It is really a practical technical way for the breeding industry to solve pollution problems.


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