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Groove Fermentation Machine--A Weapon For Manure Composting

2018/12/19 16:36:53

Speaking of organic fertilizer fermentation, have to say groove fermentation machine, Tracked Type Fermentation Machine,Wheel Type Fermentation Machine and fermentation bed! Now the development of the organic fertilizer industry is growing, resources are recycled! Fertilizer fermenting organic fertilizer will be an industry trend! So the use of the fermentation machine is very widely.


一、Product Usage:

It is widely used in organic fertilizer plants, compound fertilizer plants, sludge waste plants, and fermented organic wastes such as livestock and poultry manure, sludge garbage, sugar mill sludge, slag cakes and straw sawdust. Fermentation and dehydration operations in horticultural fields and Agaricus bisporus plants.

The groove fermentation machine is one of the main supporting equipments of the fertilizer machinery equipment unit. It is suitable for groove type fermentation: it is the core equipment for the industrialized and harmless treatment of animal husbandry, urban garbage and urban sewage sludge.


二、Product performance and characteristics:

Suitable for aerobic fermentation, it can be used together with fermentation room, fermentation tank and mobile machine. It can be used with a mobile machine to realize the function of one machine and multiple slots. The matching fermentation tank can be continuously discharged or batched, high in efficiency, stable in operation, durable and evenly turned.


三、Product structure:

The equipment consists of main components such as transmission, lifting device, walking device, turning device, and transfer vehicle. The motor directly transmits the power to the cycloidal pinwheel reducer via the sprocket to the stacking drum, and the stirring blade on the drum is spirally distributed, and the material in the fermentation tank can be turned and stirred to a position of 0.2-1 m. The effect of quick stacking and even mixing is achieved, so that the material and the air are fully contacted to make the fermentation effect of the material better.


  1. Power transmission:The device is composed of a motor, a reducer, a sprocket, a bearing housing, a main shaft,etc., and is an important device for powering the turning drum.

  2. Walking device:The device is composed of a travel motor, a transmission gear,a transmission sharfr and a running sprocket composition.

  3. Lifting device or hydraulic lifting device:The lifing device is composed of a winch, a coupling, a transmission shaft, a bearing seat,ect.The hydraulic lifting device is composed of hydraulic pumping station,a solenoid valve body, a hydraulic oil pipe and a hydraulic cylinder column compisition.

  4. Turnover device:The device is composed of a sprocket,a support arm and a stacking drum.

  5. Transfer car:The device is composed of a travel motor,a transmission gear,a transmission shaft,a travel wheel composition,and provide a temporary vehicle for changing the slot of the stacker.


四、Operating procedures and precautions

1.Driving procedure: Check before driving → Start turning equipment → Walking


1)No one shall pass through the turntable before and after production; the bell shall be 

pressed before driving, and the personnel shall be away from the machine to prevent accidents;

2)No maintenance or lubrication may be applied during production;

3)When turning over the pile, be sure to walk at the specified speed and do not work at speed;

4)Non-operator, do not operate the machine without authorization.



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